Parenting for Faith course – teens focus

In the autumn, we will be running an online Parenting for Faith course specifically for the parents and carers of teens, or people who work with or who have teens in their life.

The eight week Zoom course will run on Wednesday evenings from the 29th September to 24th November (excluding 27th October), from 7.30 – 9pm. There are two ways to sign up – as an individual, or as part of a church group – so if the group option might work for you, why not grab your youth or families leader and ask them to sign up to run the course as a church?

Churches who sign up will be sent the Zoom link to distribute to an unlimited number of families in their group, and then host their group’s discussion in either a dedicated breakout room or in person.


What’s covered in each session

Positioning for Influence

We as parents of teens are still called to help our children in their journey with God. How do we position ourselves in the lives of our teens well to continue to influence and encourage them spiritually?

Making Sense of Life

Teens are not only trying to figure out who they are, but how the increasingly complex world around them works. How can we help them find where God is in the midst of it all?

Unwinding Wrong Views

From time to time we all get skewed ideas about God – that he is distant, or angry or just incomprehensible. How can we help when our teens are struggling to understand who God is, and gently guide them to a balanced view of God and his actions in the world?


We long for our teens to develop a connected prayer life with God, and in this session we explore how to help them discover their unique patterns of connecting with God in prayer.


As our teens grow and start to discover the fullness of who God has made them to be, we want them to be able to ‘catch’ God’s voice confidently so that they are equipped for a lifetime of connection with God, knowing how to access his love, peace and guidance wherever they are.

Surfing the Waves

The teenage years are a voyage of discovery! In just a few short years, they begin to discover their passions and interests and who they are becoming. It’s the same with their spiritual journeys. How can we position ourselves to proactively disciple the gifts, passions and skills God is growing in them as they try one thing, then another as they discover their unique purpose in God’s kingdom?

Prayer Ministry with Teens

Teen life can be hard, and sometimes, however closely they are walking with God, they may need a bit of help connecting with God. But as parents and carers, we can help them meet with God face-to-face. In this session, we will be looking at a simple model of prayer ministry designed for use with teens to ensure that we keep our high-priest hats off and our coach heads on.

Helping Teens Connect with Church

When our teens don’t want to come to church or seem to disengage, we can feel powerless to help them engage. This session explores five biblical values of church and how we can help our teens understand and grow in them so they feel connected, powerful and loved in their communities.


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