Our vision for the future

We (that’s Rachel, Anna, Becky and the Parenting for Faith team at BRF) will be focusing on a number of projects over the coming months. Here are some of the milestones that we’re working towards.

Adding to the course

You’ll find on our website the free Parenting for Faith course. We are developing supplementary materials, which are available to anyone who registers a course. There will be further sessions to follow in the future, with the first one due to be released early summer 2021.

Church leaders as parents days

These are an opportunity for church leaders to gather together to be encouraged and equipped on issues particular to parenting their own children in the context of church leadership. You can now book this event for your church. Further details are available on the events and training page. If you are interested in hosting one of these days please contact us


In partnership with Cliff College, we have now launched a qualification for church leaders, children’s, family and youth workers. Find out more

Developing the website

We want to make this website as helpful as it can be to as many people as possible. To that end, we’ll be working to add new functionality and help more people to find the site. We are currently writing and developing new resources for children’s, youth and family leaders and church leaders to use.

Want to help us? We’re always happy to hear your feedback. Get in touch

Building support for Parenting for Faith

The development of this website and much of the wider work of the Parenting for Faith team has been made possible by donations.

We want to be careful to ‘count the cost’ (Luke 14:28) of what we’re trying to build and plan accordingly. Parenting for Faith is part of BRF and the team at BRF will be working to raise funds so that our work can carry on.

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Any questions?

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