Catching from God: part 2 of conversational prayer with God

13 July 2017

Learning to hear God's voice is a normal part of life with him. How do we grow on this journey with confidence? Rachel Turner shares some keys to connecting with God's communication in our ordinary lives in a sermon from Hope Church.

Jesus came to restore us to relationship with God, so that we could access his love, his voice, his power and his forgiveness. But so many of us struggle to feel like we can consistently ‘hear’ his voice, or know what he is saying to us. In this second of two sermons on conversational prayer, Rachel shares the building blocks of how we can learn to recognise God’s communications with us so we can live confidently with God’s direction, comfort, love, voice and guidance in our lives.


Talking © Anthony Albright licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 / cropped and scaled