Helping our kids and teens be God’s children too

2 August 2023

Anna's book 'Being God's Child' helps parents/carers delve into this topic. But how do we take this further, inviting our kids and teens to become God's children too?

In the final episode of Season 6 of the Parenting for Faith podcast, Anna spoke with the marvellous Rachel Turner, founder of Parenting for Faith.

Rachel answered questions about:
– parenting for faith when our partner isn’t a Christian
– parenting really little children for faith
– what to do if our children seem entirely unresponsive to our discipleship
– parenting for faith when we’re not in a good place, faith-wise

Overall, Rachel’s encouragement is that we can all help our kids to be God’s children – we don’t need to be spiritual superheroes!

Anna’s book, Being God’s Child, is available here.