Helping your family love church again: Facebook live

20 July 2021

We're going back! The transition back to church is happening.

While it’s wonderful that we will be able to be physically together again, it’s been a long time. Our youngest children may not be able to remember church before the pandemic; some of us have developed new ways of worshipping and learning that don’t rely on Sunday mornings; kids may not want to lose their Sunday mornings again. Whatever your situation, going back to church will be a new experience for us.

In one of our Facebook lives for parents and carers, Rachel talked about ways we can help our kids transition well back into church, by helping them see what it is for and how they can be a valuable and loved part of that wonderful and weird community we call church.

You can see the videos below.

For parents and carers of under 5s

For parents and carers of 5s to 11s

For parents and carers of preteens and teens



Image by Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro