Chapter 10: The desk of the king – God always responds

God wants us to bring our enormous requests to him and he always listens and always responds, but not always in the way we expect.

See stories from Anna, Becky and Rachel below.

It’s not always possible for us to calm our children’s fears. Anna tells how God spoke unexpectedly to her daughter and what a difference that made.

When my daughter started preschool she found it really hard. She didn’t like being away from her family and used to get really upset every day. We prayed for things to change but weren’t seeing much difference. One day, we did some chat and catch and asked God to give her a picture to help her when she thought about going to preschool. She saw a picture of her grandparent’s cat. We weren’t sure what that meant and so we asked God together. She explained that the cat went out and had adventures but always came back safely to his family, she felt like God was telling her that’s what it was like when she was going to preschool. That was a real turning point in her feeling happy and confident to go to preschool.


When on the way to put in a job application, Becky heard God’s voice unexpectedly.

When my daughter was little, I really wanted to work in a school because the hours would fit with the school day and I wouldn’t be working in the holidays. But those jobs didn’t come up often, but then suddenly, two local schools needed someone to work in their office. I was so excited, I filled in both applications – which were both due in on the same day – and set off to deliver them both to the respective schools. I really didn’t care which job I got but God did. I remember, as I drove over the canal bridge on the way into town, I suddenly heard God’s voice, clear as day, saying: ‘Don’t bother with the application for St Peter’s – you’re going to get the job at the other school’. It was so clear that I just obeyed! I didn’t drop off the St Peter’s application at all. And I did get the job at the other school, and looking back now, I can see how being there was all part of God’s plan for what I’m doing today!


Rachel shares how God communicated unexpectedly with her at a very difficult time for her family.



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