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We host day and residential events, as well as running free online events so everyone can attend. We also speak at other events and conferences – see if we are coming to a town near you.

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Parenting for Faith training

Bookable via brfonline.org.uk.

Original Parenting for Faith course

Parents and carers are perfectly positioned to help their children meet and know God. But sometimes we struggle to know how to do that. This course goes through five key tools which can be implemented in any family situation, with any age children.

We have just finished our online Parenting for Faith course, but you can still download the videos and run your own course anytime.

Our next online course is scheduled for January 2025.

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Babies and Toddlers course

Right from their very earliest days, babies and toddlers can meet and know God.

Parents and carers get to be a key part of helping them to do that, and churches, friends and family all make up the supportive community that encourages and equips them on the journey.

Our next online Babies and Toddlers course will take place across four Thursdays in November 2024: 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th – but in the meantime you can still download the videos and run your own course.

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Parenting as a church leader

Being a church leader affects every part of our lives, including our children. We all want to be good parents and good leaders. We want to see our children flourish spiritually and emotionally. But how?

Parenting as a church leader requires unique skills and choices, and it can feel like a lonely journey. Join other church leaders for an online day designed especially for you – as a parent. Hear the results of research, share your experience with others, talk honestly about your journey and hear from those who’ve walked this path before.

Our next online day will take place on 11 June 2024, 9.00 am – 3.00 pm BST.

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Parenting Teens

This brand new course will launch early in 2024 and there will be a half-day training event on 13.3.2024 – book here.

We will be running the Parenting Teens course online over Zoom starting on 4.6.2024 (six weeks) for church groups. Sign up here.

The Forge Gatherings

The Forge Gathering from Parenting for Faith is a residential retreat for local children’s, youth and families’ leaders (both paid and voluntary) hosted by the Parenting for Faith team.

In 2024, there will be a Forge West at Hebron Hall in South Wales from 17-19 April, and a Forge East at Letton Hall in November. Bookings are now open!

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The Qualification

The Certificate in Parenting for Faith course in association with Cliff College is now available as an online course.

Designed to stretch, inform and inspire those working in a professional or voluntary capacity with children, young people and families in churches, this course will equip you to successfully support parents and carers as they disciple their children and explore what parenting for faith might look like in your church and community.

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Facebook Live events

You can view the videos of all our previous Facebook Live events on our Facebook page.

Pop-up Small Groups

Happening every other month on a Tuesday at 8.00 pm, these Facebook Lives are designed for parents and carers to watch individually or as part of a group. You provide the coffee and we’ll provide the content.

Why not invite a friend over to catch up, watch together and chat it through afterwards? Or could you host a parents and carers event in your church or in someone’s home? If meeting in person is tricky, why not meet online? Just make sure people know it’s happening and arrange a group call for after the event.

There’s no ongoing commitment. We broadcast live on Facebook from 8.00 – 8.30 pm but if meeting with others we’d suggest you allow from 7.45 – 9.00 pm to gather and for some discussion afterwards. There is no need to sign up, just head to the Parenting for Faith Facebook page on the night.

We hope these are great opportunities for you to get together, get some helpful input on what you most need, and share, learn and grow together.

In 2024, we’re looking at different ways to engage kids and teens with:

16 January – Chat and catch (prayer)
19 March – Worship (in partnership with Worship for Everyone)
14 May – Mission
16 July – Bible
17 September – Halloween
19 November – Christmas (when your children have heard it a million times)

Here is a shareable ‘save the date’ term card, for you to share on social media, Whatsapp or email – or even print out and display at your church to publicise these events:

Pop up small groups term card ( x px)

Catch up on our 2023 small groups:

Talking to kids about money

Talking to kids about gender and sexuality

Talking to kids about exams

Talking to kids about TV and screentime

Talking to kids about decision-making

Talking to kids about tough times

You can watch our previous age-specific Facebook live events for parents and carers here.

Lunch with Leaders

For the first part of 2023, we ran Lunch with Leaders events over Facebook Live. These have now ended, but you can catch up with all the events right here:

You can watch all previous Lunch with Leaders events here.

For 2024, the Parenting for Faith team is planning a series of short video training events to be released every two months, starting on 1 February 2024. Watch this space for dates and topics.

External events

Here are the events we’ll be speaking and presenting at during 2024.

The Baptist Assembly

17-19 May 2024, Telford, £120 (full price weekend ticket; day tickets, concessions and early bird available)

Kate Irvine from Parenting for Faith will be coming to this event. She’s excited to get to know you, and how Parenting for Faith can support you as a family, children’s ministry or whole church as you equip the children and teens in your life to meet and know God.

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Playtime Conference (Care for the Family)

21 September 2024, Sheffield, £22 (if booked before 1.10.23 – then £40)

Parenting for Faith will be represented at this event.

A one-day conference to inspire, equip and resource church toddler group leaders.