Parenting as a Church Leader course

Welcome to the Parenting as a Church Leader course. Being a church leader affects every part of our lives, including our children. We all want to be good parents and good leaders. We want to see our children flourish spiritually and emotionally. But how? Parenting as a church leader requires unique skills and choices, and it can feel like a lonely journey. This course is for you if you are:

  • A leader of a church
  • Part of a church leadership team
  • A children’s, youth and family leader
  • A leader in training
  • Have a spouse or partner in church leadership

We are hosting the Parenting as a Church Leader course as a one-day Zoom course on 11 June 2024. Click here for more details and booking.

Download Parenting as a Church Leader handbooks

These videos and handbooks are free to use, as we want as many people as possible to benefit from Parenting for Faith resources.

Church leaders

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Parenting for Faith - connected


1. Connected

We want our children to feel connected to us, not just in the happy times or just when we are present, but in the actual midst of ministry.

Parenting for Faith - Prioritised


2.  Prioritised

Church leaders’ children and teens need to feel prioritised: valued, important, and safe and secure in your affection and love.

Parenting for Faith - Covered


3. Covered

There are things we can do to cover church leaders’ children, and to protect them from scrutiny.

Parenting for Faith - Empowered


4. Empowered

We long for our children and teens to go on their unique faith journey and have their own adventure with God. Both the discipling that happens at home in the everyday and the influence of the church community that wraps around the family are vital for this.

Download the Parenting as a Church Leader course

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