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Whatever your relationship with children or teens, we have something to equip and encourage you to help them connect with God for a lifetime. We produce content geared specifically to parents and carers and to churches.

Parenting for Faith offers resources through our Key Tools, courses, podcast, website, books, events and training. This can all be accessed via our website or by following us on social media (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) and joining our online communities there.

The Key Tools

The five Key Tools are at the heart of the Parenting for Faith resources and are for you to explore and use in your home or ministry. They don’t require a theology degree, any preparation or a cupboard of craft materials! Once you’ve learned them, you can apply them to all sorts of different situations and contexts. For a quick start guide, head to our key tools pages which will give you a summary of each one, along with an example video, things to try and answers to your questions.

The Key Tools

The Courses

We all long for our children to be God-connected not just God-smart, but too often we don’t know where to start or how to keep our children and teens growing in their connection with God. We have a range of courses – the original Parenting for Faith course, Babies and Toddlers Bitesize, Parenting as a Church Leader and Parenting Teens for a Life of Faith.

All four courses are free video resources that will help parents, carers and extended family discover how they are perfectly positioned to show their children every day the reality of a life with God and how to have a vibrant two-way relationship with him.

Support materials are available for course leaders, but individuals can easily access the course themselves as well.

The courses

The Podcast

We produce a regular thirty-minute podcast for parents and carers that helps to equip you, where you are. It has ideas to help you use and apply the Key Tools and interviews with a range of guests.

The Podcast

Video, audio and written posts

Our site contains a wide range of searchable content for you to use at home and in your church. You’ll find posts for parents and carers, grandparents, extended family, church leaders and children’s and youth workers that we regularly update. Use the search bar in the top right hand corner to find what you’re looking for.

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  • Parenting Children for a Life of Faith: Omnibus Edition – containing all three of Rachel Turner’s original books, this covers how to position ourselves to parent well to help our children and teens connect with God personally.
  • Babies and Toddlers: Nurturing your child’s spiritual life – Our children’s early years are incredibly significant in shaping their mental, emotional and spiritual lives for the future, but how do we sow seeds of faith when they are so tiny?
  • Parenting Teens for a Life of Faith – this book will help all parents, carers, grandparents and others involved in teens’ everyday lives to understand the teenage faith journey more and find their place within it.
  • Grandparenting for Faith – an exploration of how grandparents can proactively encourage and equip their grandchildren to meet and know God.
  • Being God’s Child – an exploration of ten different ways in which parents can learn or re-learn how to connect with God as his child.
  • It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent – for children’s, youth and family leaders or church leaders, this book will help you create a culture where Parenting for Faith can flourish.
  • Parenting as a Church Leader –  this helps you discover how to help your family thrive as you lead
  • Comfort in the Darkness – a book of biblical stories to read with children all about sleep, dreams and the night. Complete with tips on how to help your children through fear, nightmares and God-connection each night.
  • Comfort in Uncertain Times – a book of biblical stories to read with children to help them draw close to God through stories of anxiety, loss and transition.

Events and training

From one-off seminars and training days, to conferences and qualifications, we put on a range of events and equipping opportunities for people of all areas involved in the discipleship of children and teens.

We run online events including regular Facebook Live events for parents and carers and for children’s, youth and family leaders.

We have a speaking team available for you to book to deliver an event for your church or area, online or in person.

Events and Training

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