Our approach

Our goal is to resource and equip parents and carers to confidently parent for faith in the midst of the mundane, everyday bits of parenthood. The bits when we’re ferrying the children back and forth between activities, sitting on the bathroom floor potty training our toddlers or waving off our kids on their first day of secondary school. These are the modern day versions of the opportunities to share faith that Moses describes in Deuteronomy 6:4-9.

The joy of parenting is that we are present in those moments to show them what a life with God looks like; what it looks like to be connected to God through the ups and downs of everyday.

The everyday, not adding more activities

We believe that Parenting for Faith is all about the everyday moments, not adding more activities to our already hectic lives.

Through our range of videos, resources, training and events, we try to equip everyone to feel confident to weave discipleship into the everyday so that, regardless of whether they’re doing family activities, God-connection happens.

The first session of the Parenting for Faith coursePositioned for influence – picks up this theme.

There’s no one right way to helps kids and teens meet and know God

Every family is unique, as is every church. We don’t offer a ‘right way’ of helping kids and teens meet and know God. Rather, we want to help every parent, carer, extended family and church to go on a journey of finding what works best for them.

That’s why we offer a range of voices, opinions and experiences. Whatever your churchmanship, background or approach, we want you to find content to inspire, encourage and challenge you to find your best path.

Parents and carers are the experts in their own children

Because we believe that parents and carers are the experts in their own children, we have gathered personal stories of how parents and carers are already pioneering Parenting for Faith in their own homes.

We also know that there are some experienced people out there with wisdom to share. So, you’ll find content from experienced leaders in the fields of youth and children’s ministry and church leadership which delves into specific skills and approaches for both parents and churches.

Parenting for Faith is shaped by you

We’d love you to get in touch, whether it be about how the website is working or a topic you’d like to see discussed.

You can get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through the website with anything you want to talk about.

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What next?

One of the best ways to find out more about our approach is to sign up to use the original Parenting for Faith course. The whole course is available for free on our website, so you can explore it at your own pace when you have time.

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