Parenting for Faith Champions

Parenting for Faith Champions serve as our ambassadors, envisioning and equipping anyone interested in Parenting for Faith locally. That might be church leaders, children’s, youth and families leaders or parents and carers who want to help others in their church or community get going with Parenting for Faith.

This hugely multiplies the reach and impact of Parenting for Faith and helps more kids and teens to meet and know God in everyday life.

This page tells you everything you need to know about Parenting for Faith Champions.

What are Parenting for Faith Champions?

Parenting for Faith Champions are individuals who’ve used the Parenting for Faith courses and resources and are happy to help others to do the same.

Find a local Parenting for Faith Champion near you.

What experience do I need in order to apply to become a Champion?

We ask that you have either run a Parenting for Faith course or have the Cliff College certificate in Parenting for Faith. Any other experience is a bonus!

What do I need to do as a Champion?

Dependent on your time and capacity, we’d love you to be doing some or all of the following:

  • Support people new to Parenting for Faith in your area to get started by responding to their enquiries. This could be answering their questions by email or meeting them in person. (Interested parties will be able to contact you via a secure webform on our website; your email address won’t be made publicly available.)
  • Invite people local to you to come and see how you use Parenting for Faith in your context e.g. inviting them to a pop up small group or session of the course you are running.
  • Actively share information about Parenting for Faith either within networks or groups that you are already part of or by hosting something. We will provide you with resources to do this.
  • Run a day or half-day event to equip children’s, youth or family leaders. We call these days ‘mini Forges’ and can support you to do this.

What will I receive as a Champion?

As a Champion, you will:

  • Be invited to exclusive ‘mastermind’ Zooms three times a year; you’ll be the first to hear of any new developments within Parenting for Faith, as well as being able to contribute your own resource requests and ideas
  • Have a dedicated email address for help and information
  • Receive a pack of leaflets once a year (UK Champions only)

How do I apply?

Simply complete this form and a member of the PFF team will be in touch shortly.