Baptism and dedication preparation videos

Here are three short videos to spark some ideas for growing faith at home.

Watch ‘Words’     Watch ‘Music’     Watch ‘Community’

For parents

We are so excited that you are taking this next step and want to join with your local church to support and encourage you with everything that you need as you help your child learn about God and having a relationship with him.

Many people bring their little one to church for a special ceremony because they recognise that their child is special and loved by not only their parents, but also by God and the church. The Bible talks about God knowing each baby even before they are born, even so much as knowing how many hairs are on the baby’s head. However they came into this world, we believe with you that this child is a gift and that God has amazing plans for their life. We want to celebrate them with you and thank God for bringing them into your family.

Whether you’ve never been to church before or been a hundred times, you are really welcome. Please relax, be yourself, ask anything you want (there are no silly questions) and enjoy exploring next steps for you and your little one. These three short videos on words, music and community will give some ideas of how to introduce faith at home and direct you to some places where you can get more support and advice if you’d like it.

For godparents, grandparents and extended friends and family

We’d love you to watch these videos because you are key supporters in the family’s life. We know the parents would really value you being part of helping them as they bring up their child to meet and know God. Whether you get to see them a little or a lot, we wanted to share with you the same videos that we are sharing with the parents, so that you can support and encourage them as they do those things and join in when you’re visiting or babysitting.

For churches

If you’re a church leader, looking to use these videos with the families that you meet, you can download a guide to help you do that here.

Download baptism and dedication preparation leader’s guide

See below if you would like to download the videos to use offline.

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Family with baby at Christening by Kzenon via Canva Pro