Babies and toddlers

Right from their very earliest days, babies and toddlers can meet and know God. Parents and carers get to be a key part of helping them to do that, and churches, friends and family all make up the supportive community that encourages and equips them on the journey.

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Parenting for Faith’s slimline book, Babies and Toddlers: Nurturing your child’s spiritual life by Rachel Turner, helps you go on this journey and support those in your church and community to do the same. It costs just £4.99, and we also offer discounted prices for multipacks.

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The videos

We have five short videos, all about nurturing your baby or toddler’s spiritual life, available completely free on our website. On the bite-size babies and toddlers page, you’ll also find a free downloadable guide to help you to run bite-size sessions at pregnancy, baby or toddler groups. They are designed to work for online and in-person groups and to be accessible to those who are new to faith or just exploring as well as those who have been Christians a long time.

The five sessions are:

  1. Getting going
  2. Keeping it real
  3. Connection and communication
  4. Bible stories and bedtimes
  5. Chatting to God

Infant baptism, dedication or thanksgiving service preparation

We have three videos and a leaders’ guide for families bringing babies or children for infant baptism, dedication or thanksgiving. They aim to affirm the commitment and decision that the family are making and give them simple, practical ideas to nurture faith at home. They don’t assume any prior knowledge of church or Christian language. They are available free on our website, so they can be emailed to the parents, watched with them, written into a card and referred back to at any point. They don’t cover the theology, symbolism or significance of these services or the details of what will happen in the service, so you can customise them to your church and denomination.

The three videos cover:

  1. Words
  2. Music
  3. Community


The online course

Sometimes, it’s nice to get together with other parents and carers with kids of the same age. So we’re going to be running online Parenting for Faith sessions just for parents and carers of babies and toddlers. The Parenting for Faith Team will be hosting short, weekly sessions to help you explore how to nurture your little one’s spiritual life and connect with others at the same stage.

The five sessions will run on Thursday nights at 8.00 pm, starting on 9 June 2022. There are two ways to sign up – as an individual or as part of a church group. If the group option might work for you, why not chat to your church leader, children’s leader or toddler groups leader and ask them to sign up to run the course as a church? If you join as an individual we’ll ask you a few questions to put you in a small group with people at a similar age and stage. If you join as a church or group, we’ll keep you together for the discussion times. 

The sessions are suitable for anyone pregnant, preparing to adopt or with a baby, toddler or preschooler. All parents and carers are welcome including grandparents, godparents and extended family. You’re also really welcome to join if you’re thinking about running some sessions like this in your church or community and want to try it out first.

Tickets are £50 for a church (unlimited screens and includes money off codes for purchasing books) or £20 for an individual/household (includes a voucher for a free book posted to you).

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