Under fives

Faith in under fives is a joy to to see, especially in your own children. It is tempting to believe that young children’s faith is a flat line of learning who God is, and what he has done for them – but it is much more than that. Hear stories about how under 5s can connect to God as well as articles encouraging you as you nourish your children their God-connection and expressions of faith.

As well as the articles on these pages, we also a book, Babies and Toddlers: Nurturing your child’s spiritual life, and a whole suite of resources for parents and carers, and the churches that support them, on parenting for faith with babies and toddlers.

Recognising and sharing emotions

16 Jun 2023
Teaching our children to recognise and share their emotions is one of our most important jobs as parents. How can we use the Bible's wisdom to ground our children's emotions in how God made them?

Messing up but not giving up

16 Jun 2023
As parents, we will often find ourselves clearing up our children's messes. But we'll also likely make a few of our own! What does God say to us when we mess up?

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