Frequently asked questions about the course

We’ve put together a list of FAQs about the Parenting for Faith course.

If there’s a question we’ve not answered, do let us know.

Understanding the course and what it offers

What’s in the course? – session outlines of the eight sessions in the course.

Who is the course for? – for individuals and communities and everyone involved with children.

How should I use the sessions? – examples of churches who have used the course material in different ways.

Can I attend a course already running near me? – where leaders have said their course is open to others, you can find details here.

Using the course

How to run the course – this link will take you through five simple steps and an online webinar packed with advice.

Using the course videos – explains the different ways we can supply the course videos, either streaming from our website or downloaded.

Promoting your course – download our promotional video to share with your church, and flyers that you can use to let people know when and where your course will be taking place.

Leader’s and Participant’s Handbooks – the Leader’s Handbook and Participant’s Handbook will give you all the information you need to lead an effective course. You can also buy hard copies here.

Adapting the course to your context – helping you think through team, planning, how it works on the night and helping participants feel at ease.

What can I do with downloaded course videos? – find out what you’re allowed to do with course videos. Do get in touch if you have any questions.

Register your course – tell us about your course and we’ll support you, pray for you and offer an entire pack of extra session support, not available on our website, completely free of charge.

Top tips for using the course

Running the course – advice and experience of people who have run the course.


Give us your feedback (leaders) – if you’ve run the course, we’d love to know what you thought so we can keep refining and improving it.

Give us your feedback (participants) – if you’ve watched the videos on your own, or with others, we’d also really value your thoughts.

What people are saying – read comments from parents and course leaders.


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