We long for our kids to find their own deep relationship with God. When we empower our children to go on their unique faith journey we free them to have their own adventure with God. This is explored in full in chapters 13 – 16 of Parenting as a Church Leader, and you can watch this session of the course in the Parenting as a Church Leader Facebook group.

Every child and every family is unique – and every child will go on their own journey with God. On this page, we’ve posted answers to questions people have asked on Parenting as a Church Leader training days to help you explore what empowering your family might look like.

On Sundays I’m preaching and my husband is teaching Sunday School. How can we transition our reluctant 13 year old to stay in services rather than go out with the younger kids?

There are few kids at our church, so we’ve said to our son he can join a youth group in another church. Is this OK?

In terms of congregational expectations, is it helpful for my kids to serve in church?

We don’t want people to think we’re favouring our kids, who are talented musicians, if we let them play in the worship group

How do you give empowering feedback to preschoolers … and if we see a prophetic gifting in them, how can we give them opportunities to serve in church while still keeping them ‘covered’?

Encouraging kids to be part of church when your spouse is disinterested

What do you do when you have to drag your kids to church every week because they have no choice?

We made our son go to youth group even when he didn’t want to because we wanted to encourage the youth leaders and set an example for others … was that the wrong decision?

Now church is online our kids don’t like it. How can we help them find their passion for church again?

What would you say to a 14 year old who says he doesn’t believe in God so he doesn’t want to come to church?

How can we help our kids stay connected to the church community in lockdown?

Some people advise that you should create a family culture of ‘we go to church regardless of what we think’. But is that the best thing to do if a 14 year old says they hate church?

How can you model all stages of the six stage circle if your partner doesn’t come to church or share your faith?

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