The power of the songs we sing

2 March 2021

God seems to have wired us so that our brains really connect with songs.

In particular, songs seem to make things easier to remember – from our ABCs to poignant lyrics that transport us back in time.

In an episode of the Parenting for Faith podcast, Becky wondered about how to harness the power of songs to lay down some important truths about God and how that might influence our family playlists. You can hear what she has to say below and we’ve added a few notes as well.

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Questions to ask when choosing a playlist:

1. Does this selection of songs give a broad and balanced view of who God is and what he does?

2. Do they help kids see the whole story of God?

3. Do they contain a variety of styles so kids see that worship takes place in a variety of ways?

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Image by Getty Images via Canva Pro