Sunday Afternoons with Creche

Your name and church
Ruth Grist, The Lantern Church Wimborne

How did you use the Parenting for Faith materials?  
As an eight week course

What day and time did you choose and how often?
Sunday afternoons, 4-6pm

Why did you choose to use the sessions like this?
Using a Sunday afternoon meant that we could get both parents along and by providing food and care for the children, it did not impinge too much on their time.

Did you have to adapt the material to make it work for your sessions? If yes, can you tell us what you did?
Not really.

What went well?
The session about verbally framing; also providing food and separate kids’ activities.

What didn’t go so well?
The course felt a bit long.

Would you use the material like this again?
Yes, but I would probably put sessions 7 and 8 together and possibly try and do chat and catch together in a slightly longer session.

Do you have any top tips for others who might want to use the sessions like this?
Have a team of cake makers to provide some cakes for each week.  Providing separate children’s activities and tea was great – kids loved having time together.