Chapter 6: The Five Sisters and the unfair law – when we feel helpless

When unfair things happen to us we can feel helpless. But God is a God who loves justice, and sometimes he wants us to speak up for what is right.

See Paula’s and Rachel’s stories below.

Paula (name changed) was treated really unfairly by her ex-husband, but God gave her hope for a better future.

When my kids were little, I left my husband. He had been cheating, and he was also violent. To cut a long story short we had worked hard and owned our own house and I thought that when I moved out, I would end up with half of the house and be able to start again. But things didn’t work out like that. We were living in another country with different laws, and I found out that my husband was entitled to everything. All I got were cardboard boxes with mine and my kids’ possessions and no money at all. It was really unfair and I tried to argue with the lawyers, but I couldn’t do anything about it. We had to go and stay with relatives and when I unpacked the boxes I found he’d even been through them and taken out stuff. But then my godmother gave me £1,000. It wasn’t enough for us to start again, but I felt like it was a promise from God that we would be able to start again, and it turned out like that. After a few years I was able to work, we got our own house and things were good. Life felt fair again.


Rachel describes how God showed up when other people were telling lies about her.



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