Chapter 13: The risk – when God asks you to do something scary

God made us all to be purposeful in the world, and we need to know that we matter and can make a difference. Sometimes when God asks us to do something, we can feel scared or uncertain and want to hold back. But God always sees us as powerful and he is able to help us.

See stories from Caroline, B (aged 6), Rachel and Katie below.

When Caroline felt God asking her to preach, God was there, all the way!

I sensed God was wanting me to step out of my comfort zone and preach sermons occasionally. I argued with God a bit about this but then said I would, but, could the first one I’m asked to do be on Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd (as I had read a lot on this, loved it, and knew I had lots I could share). I forgot about it for a while and then our curate asked me if would I preach in a few weeks’ time in church! I asked what the topic / theme was, and he said The Lord is my Shepherd! I laughed out loud and said YES!


B (6) was surprised not to feel afraid when God gave her a big job.

Last night, I was doing some chat and catch and I felt a sort of airy, warm feeling and I felt like I was falling into someone’s heart. He gave me a message that He was going to tell me more about Him so that I could spread the news about Him to more people. I thought I would feel worried about doing that but I didn’t, I felt excited.


When God asked Caroline to run an Alpha course, she discovered that all she needed to do was take the first step.

We had recently moved to Kuala Lumpur and I was just getting to know people and the lifestyle (too many coffee mornings for expat wives). I felt God nudge me and say to run daytime Alpha. I didn’t even know that was a ‘thing’ but sensed God say all these women needed to know Him and to have a coffee morning with a plus (Alpha). I said OK God I’m up for that but I think I need someone to do it with me. I only knew a few Christians and I told one of them what I was sensing and she told me that another friend of hers (who I hadn’t yet met) was also feeling stirred to run a daytime Alpha course! So, we got together and ran our first Alpha course in my home. It went amazingly well, and we then ran another and another and another! I had felt nervous, but God already had everything in place to support and equip me, I just needed to take the first step.


Rachel remembers what happened when God asked her to pray for a friend who really needed to know God’s peace.



Katie shares a story about the tax office and a time she was very scared indeed!



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