How to talk about ...

Every now and then there are things we need to talk to our kids about but maybe don’t quite know how to get started? Here we have some ideas for those moments. You will also find a lot of helpful resources in our change and challenge topics, covering all sorts of things such as grief, mental health or relationships.

Raising our children to be allies against racism

24 Oct 2023
Through current affairs and social media, we are becoming more aware than ever of the presence of institutional racism in various sectors of society. How can we parent for faith in a way that raises our children to be godly allies in the fight against racism?

Recognising and sharing emotions

16 Jun 2023
Teaching our children to recognise and share their emotions is one of our most important jobs as parents. How can we use the Bible's wisdom to ground our children's emotions in how God made them?

Asking questions

05 May 2023
Kids will ask questions - it's inevitable. And some of these questions might feel too big for us. So how do we approach them, when we feel ill-equipped to answer?

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash