This is one of three baptism and dedication preparation videos to give you some ideas of how to introduce faith at home. This video explores involving other people in our child’s life and how to find supportive community in church. You can watch it at home on your own or with your partner, or with the church leader who will be taking the service.

Ideas of things to try

  • Going to church!

Questions to think or chat about

  • Have you tried taking your baby to church? Which parts did you like? Was there anything you weren’t sure about.
  • Is there anything that puts you off or that you have questions about?

What next?

  • If you’re nervous about trying church, you could ring or email in advance and ask if there is someone who could meet you, sit with you and talk you through what’s happening. Or if you already know someone who goes to church, why not ask if you can join them?
  • Check out the babies and toddlers section of our website or watch the Parenting for Faith course, on your own, with a partner or friend or with a group from church.
  • Or subscribe to the weekly Parenting for Faith podcast to get different ideas, hear different perspectives and hear answers to questions that people just like you have sent in.

For church leaders

If you’re a church leader, head to the baptism and dedication preparation page to download a leaders’ guide and request a link that allows you to download the videos to watch offline.


With thanks to St Mary’s Church, Bletchley for use of their church building to film in.

Family with baby at Christening by Kzenon via Canva Pro