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The course – follow-on sessions

At Parenting for Faith, we are creating some new sessions to follow on from the Parenting for Faith course, which will be released as they are ready. The first of these additional sessions, ‘I’m not finished yet’, is live now. It is based on part III of the book Parenting Children for a Life of Faith – Omnibus Edition – ‘Parenting children for a life of confidence’.

You can download a leader’s handbook and two versions of the participant’s handbook (one to download and print and the other fillable online).

Leader’s handbook   Participant’s handbook   Participant’s handbook – fillable

This session, and the ones to follow, build on the tools, skills and approaches of the Parenting for Faith course and are an excellent way to help you continue your journey of parenting for faith. If you are new to Parenting for Faith, we would recommend running the eight-session original course first.

The original course   Original course FAQs

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Im not finished yet PFF course video

I’m not finished yet

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