Chapter 11: David and the decision – how does God help us decide?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do when we have to make a decision, when uncertainty is down every path. God promises to lead and guide us and he does this in so many different ways. Our job is to come to him and ask him what to do, and be ready to say yes to his answer.

See stories from Caroline and Rachel below.

When Caroline and her husband were ask to foster two children it seemed an easy decision to say yes – but God told them otherwise.

We were asked to foster two children as an urgent very short-term placement. We had previously fostered when we had one child of our own, but we now had three. My husband (Richard) and I considered it and thought we would say yes – we had been assured it was for a couple of weeks only. We decided to commit it to God and sleep on it. But we both felt quite excited about the prospect. When we woke in the morning we looked at each other and both had a strong overriding sense that we should say no. This seemed odd to us as we thought we could definitely manage two weeks but the God sense in our spirits was so strong that we knew we needed to say no. It was a combination of strong conviction and peace that we both sensed. I called the Social Worker who was obviously disappointed and we felt bad for the children but sure of what God was saying. A few weeks later we were posted to Japan and we had heard that the two children actually needed the foster placement to be for a much longer period, probably six months plus. God knew all this! He protected those children from needing to be moved again which would have been necessary if they had come to us (the family they went to instead of us were able to keep them for as long as they needed so was much better for them) and we needed to prepare for a huge move for us as a family!


Rachel shares how God helped her decide which university to go to.



Girl with a choice near the forked road by SyhinStas via Canva Pro