Fortnightly Evening Course

Your name and church 

Sharon Barr, St Luke’s, Hedge End

How did you use the Parenting for Faith materials?  

As fortnightly group sessions.

Why did you choose to use the sessions like this? 

We thought it was a big commitment to attend eight weeks in a row and felt that every other week was better to fit in with families. We also have a communion service every other week at church so it helped with spreading the church activities over separate weeks.

What day and time did you choose and how often? 

We met on a Sunday evening at the church for one and a half hours including a coffee at the beginning.

Did you have to adapt the material to make it work for your sessions? If yes, can you tell us what you did? 

No, we stuck with the session plans, but dependent on the size of the group for that week we played it by ear if we broke into smaller groups for discussions or stayed in the larger group.

What went well? 

The group dynamics and having two leaders for the sessions.

What didn’t go so well? 


Would you use the material like this again? 

Yes, we would run it the same as before.

Do you have any top tips for others who might want to use the sessions like this? 

Send out an email to all attendees in the week you do not run, just to encourage them to do the extra learning bits and also to remind them that the next session would be running the following week.