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The Parenting for Faith podcast with Rachel Turner was designed especially for parents and carers like you.

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The Parenting for Faith podcast

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Podcast FAQs

What’s in the podcast?

Each 20-minute episode includes:

  • New ideas and things to try based on the Key Tools
  • Rachel’s answers to your emails and questions
  • A wildcard section which might include interviews, panel discussions, recommended resources
  • A question to ask your child to spark an interesting conversation

But what is a podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show that you can listen to on demand. New episodes can be sent automatically to your phone or email, and you can listen when you have time.

How can I listen to it?

There are lots of different ways to subscribe to the podcast. You can also listen to all of the episodes through your web browser via the SoundCloud website.

Here’s a list of different devices and how you could receive the podcast:

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