Teaching Parenting for Faith to your team

18 July 2023

Teams are stronger when they're all singing from the same hymn sheet - but how do we envision our teams when it comes to Parenting for Faith?

After all, there are many aspects of our approach which differ from how our children’s and youth teams may have been taught themselves, and how they are teaching now.

In this Lunch with Leaders, we welcomed Lauren Sheath and Iain Nash, both members of the Parenting for Faith speaking team and experienced children’s leaders, to share ideas and tips for sharing the Parenting for Faith approach within a team.

Iain shared his ‘drip feed’ approach within a church that was initially sceptical of the Parenting for Faith approach. For many months he shared stories of Parenting for Faith in his own life, demonstrated the key tools gradually in what the church was already doing, and gave some of our downloadable postcards to families who might find them helpful. Eventually, he invited Anna Hawken to come and share some training with his team.

Lauren shared her training approach, where she ran regular team nights incorporating spiritual input, socials and training. She would consistently point her team back to the ‘why’, setting the vision for what they were doing, encouraging her team to try out the tools themselves.

The Parenting for Faith speaking team are always happy to come and deliver training to your church. We can create bespoke training based on what you tell us, but our main types of training are outlined here.

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