Lucy Rycroft

Lucy joins the team as digital marketing officer for 2023 while Iona is on maternity leave. Before this she produced a variety of faith-based parenting content for her Christian parenting blog The Hope-Filled Family.

She lives in York with her husband, four children and lively cockerpoo. She loves cooking, planning, hosting, reading, playing piano, watching good comedy, and making up for a dislike of tea and coffee by eating copious amounts of chocolate.

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Healthy conversations around pornography

21 Nov 2023
Today's parents are all too aware of the easy availability of pornography. How do we start and maintain healthy conversations with our children and teens around this area, and what do we do if and when our children have an encounter with porn?

Adding a new child to the family

21 Nov 2023
Preparing for a new child to arrive, whether by birth or adoption, is an exciting time. But if you already have a child or children, there can be tensions when that dynamic is about to change.

When your child walks away from faith

13 Nov 2023
When we have prayed for our children to come to know Jesus for themselves, when we've nurtured their faith and created opportunities for them to grow, it can feel devastating when they make the decision to turn away from Jesus. But there is always hope.

Raising our children to be allies against racism

24 Oct 2023
Through current affairs and social media, we are becoming more aware than ever of the presence of institutional racism in various sectors of society. How can we parent for faith in a way that raises our children to be godly allies in the fight against racism?