Different ways to engage kids and teens with chat and catch

15 January 2024

Helping kids and teens into good prayer habits to last a lifetime is one of the most important things we can do as parents and carers.

It can also be incredibly challenging! Children can be shy, self-conscious, worried about getting it ‘wrong’ or unsure about how they sound.

In this pop-up small group, designed for parents and carers, Becky Sedgwick led us through practical principles of ‘Chat and Catch’ (Parenting for Faith’s term for prayer) that we can use to help the younger people in our lives talk to God naturally and freely – about anything. Becky also shared how we can encourage our children to ‘catch’ from God, what that might look like, and how we can help our children to develop wisdom and discernment in this area.

These are tools that really will ground our children for a lifetime of God-connection!

Watch now:

Handout – including notes and discussion questions

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