What is my role as the Dad of a newborn?

17 January 2018

Olly explores how we can bring our newborn into God's presence and make our homes a place where God's presence is welcome day and night.

Those early weeks and months of being a first-time father can be an interesting time. Your wife might be breastfeeding and experiencing lots of hormones and sleep may be lacking. All of these things can bring a lot of change and if we’re not careful they can exacerbate problems that are already in our relationship. How can we use this time instead to sow into our family, to celebrate our wife and child?

Olly asks, “how can we use this time to expose our child to the presence of God?” He shares the story of Moses and what it looked like for him to be in an environment where he could encounter God. Olly encourages us that our home can be a place where God’s presence is welcome day and night.

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Dad with newborn © Pixabay licensed under CC0 / scaled