For our children need to flourish is that they need to feel prioritised: valued, important and safe and secure in your affection and love. This involves balancing the different needs of your congregation and your family. This is covered in full in chapters 4 to 7 of Parenting as a Church Leader, and you can watch this session of the course in the Parenting as a Church Leader Facebook Group.

Prioritising your children and teens will look different for every family. On this page, we’ve posted answers to questions that people have asked on Parenting as a Church Leader training days which will help you explore what this looks like.

How do we keep our 2 year old and 4 year old feeling safe at home when there are all sorts of people coming in and out?

Managing bedtimes and meetings

Working from home with a toddler and no child care

My kid needs 100% of me on Sunday morning, but I’m also working

Letting my child know they are prioritised when my job involves helping other children

Letting your kid know they are prioritised when you need to ask them to step away to give someone privacy

When you’re there just as a parent, but people jump in with work stuff

Helping a 3 year old manage your not being there in the evenings

My teenager insists my job comes first – not her – but I’m not comfortable with this

I want to have flexibility in my family life but I don’t control what my day looks like

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