Why register your course?

There are three simple reasons to let us know if you run a Parenting for Faith course, whether it involves a couple of people in a home or an entire church:

1 Extra support for you as a course leader

When you register, we’ll be in touch to find out how we can best support you – including through prayer. You’ll also gain exclusive access to a set of supplementary notes for each session, plus one for if you have families with children with additional needs on your course, that will support you with common questions and issues that come up and ideas for tailoring your course to suit your participants. Here’s what one course leader had to say about it:

‘This is like gold! Gives extra encouragement and ideas for our parents as we seek to support them. Thank you for creating such an amazing wealth of knowledge and sharing it with us. We feel totally supported as leaders.’

2 Help us keep the Parenting for Faith course free of charge

Because Parenting for Faith is part of a charity (BRF), we have to report on the impact of our work. By telling us when you run the Parenting for Faith course, you’re helping us to report more accurate statistics, which in turn increases the likelihood that we secure grants and other funding, helping to keep this and all our resources free of charge for yourself and others. So please tell us each and every time you run the course.

3 Share your course with others

You’ll also have the option of adding your course to our find a course near you listing. This is an amazing way to bless and encourage others locally who might not otherwise have access to the course.

All you need to do is fill in your details on the link below.

Click here to register your course


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