Grandparenting for Faith

2 February 2024

In this book, Becky Sedgwick explores how grandparents can proactively encourage and equip their grandchildren to meet and know God.

Grandparenting brings new life and joy, and also the opportunity to walk spiritually alongside our grandchildren, offering tools and skills for the journey. Whatever your circumstances, God has positioned you to be a unique voice speaking into your grandchildren’s lives, helping to nurture them into the reality of a relationship with the God who loves them.

‘Grandparenting for Faith is a liberating, convicting and exciting work. It will empower grandparents in all types of family settings and dynamics to be part of their grandchildren’s lives and share their faith without damaging relationships with their adult children.’

Martha Flavell, children and family lead at Bible Society

‘Every grandparent should read this book! It has lots of easy, practical suggestions for showing and living your Christian faith – without being at all heavy or ‘preachy’. I’m now eager to work on some of the ideas with my own grandchildren.’

Penelope Swithinbank, priest, writer and grandmother

‘Beautifully written and very easy to read, it conveys a great awareness of the challenges of real life, while also prompting and encouraging grandparents to think beyond what they currently do and consider how they could develop their spiritual support of their grandchildren. I love this book. It is so much needed and I highly recommend it to all Christian grandparents.’

Sarah Holmes, researcher and lecturer, Liverpool Hope University

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ISBN: 9781800392045
Published: January 2024
Publisher: BRF
Pages: 198

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