Teenagers can be easily misunderstood – sometimes by themselves! – and parents have thought and prayed for generations about the best ways to connect with their children during this transitional age. As a time of change, it can be a wonderful time for growth in faith and God-connection just as much as it can be a time for frustrations and miscommunication. Here you’ll find stories from those who parent or have parented teenagers, as well as articles to help you ponder your next steps with your teen.

Session 6: A Godly core of confidence

Teens often struggle with confidence because they are hearing the wrong messages about where confidence comes from. We can proactively help them grow a godly confidence that will set them up for life.

Session 5: Teenagers and Church

Teenagers and church. Getting our teens to engage with church is not just about Sundays. We can show them the fullness of church and help them to engage with it whatever their situation.

Session 4: Unknotting wrong views of God.

Teens have multiple voices telling them who God is and, like all of us, from time to time they will have warped views that affect their relationship with him. We can help them to untangle warped views.

Session 3: Connecting to God – prayer.

Communication is at the heart of every authentic relationship so our teens need to discover their own voice as they communicate with God and learn to catch his communication too.

Session 1: God’s plan for teens

An overview of how teens differ from children, the role of parents and carers and ‘creating windows’ – a simple tool to help teens see the power of a relationship with God.

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 / Cropped & Scaled