Chapter 9: Martha and the bad day – stopping and resting with God

When we feel uncertain about life, it’s easy to rush around and try and control the situation. But that’s not God’s way. He asks us to stop being busy and spend time with him.

See stories from Becky and Rachel below.

Becky discovered it’s much less stressful to give God a chance to speak rather than shouting at him!

Choosing a high school was very stressful for us – mostly because there wasn’t really any choice! Living in a small town, with only one high school, I knew that there was zero chance that my daughter could get a place at one of the schools I preferred. So I was pretty stressed and to be honest cross with God. I was so worried that the school wouldn’t suit her and I wanted to feel in control of the choice. So in the months coming up to the time I had to submit her application, I rushed around, talking to everyone, trying to see if there were any loopholes in the system that would let me get her into a different school, trying to make things happen. But what I didn’t do is properly listen to God. Then one day, when I was ranting a bit at him, I stopped to draw breath, and then I heard these words: ‘She will be fine at that school.’ I knew it was God. The stress went, and I was able to trust God. And he was right, she was fine. But I wish I’d sat down with God at the beginning of the process, not the end!


Rachel talks about how she knows when she needs to take time with God.



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