Choosing a secondary school

6 February 2020

Deciding which secondary school your child will go to is a really big deal. And often our children have strong views too! So how can we make the best decision when we don't agree?

In an episode of the Parenting for Faith podcast, Rachel answers a question from a listener who wants her daughter to go to a faith school, but she isn’t so keen. You can listen to Rachel’s answer in the clip below. The four tools she suggests are:

1. Ask yourself what are the reasons you want her to go to that particular school: then you can help her understand what’s important to you in a next school and why that school would be the right one in your eyes.

2. Let her see that you recognise the importance of her friendships.

3. Help her explore what are her criteria for her next school so that together you can look at the schools against both your criteria.

4. Model how a decision is made with God. Click to find out more about chat and catch.

Listen here

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Photo by Jake Ingle on Unsplash