Helping our children develop character through sibling rivalry

24 January 2018

Sibling rivalry is inevitable! Olly and Helen share their tools and tips for creating an environment which helps to build character in their kids.

If you don’t have sibling rivalry in your home, you are blessed! It’s something we all face when we have multiple children. Olly and Helen explore how they see it as an opportunity to develop character in their children, asking questions like, “why are you responding in this way?” in order to foster an environment for their children to learn and work through issues together.

If they notice words are being used which aren’t building each other up they take their children to the side and help them to recognise each other’s differences and celebrate them. They also ensure they regularly have quality family time all together in order to focus on being totogetherith God and together as a family. These times can be great to look back on during the more rocky seasons.

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