Family life

Faith is discovered, modelled and learned our ordinary everydays. In this topic you’ll find stories of how different families parent for faith in their normal family life, as well as ideas for helping your kids see and know God as they go about their day.

Adding a new child to the family

21 Nov 2023
Preparing for a new child to arrive, whether by birth or adoption, is an exciting time. But if you already have a child or children, there can be tensions when that dynamic is about to change.

Supporting each other as parents

08 Aug 2023
They say it takes a village to raise a child - but what is the significance of having a Christian ‘village’ around you as you bring up your children? How can we support each other well, and what difference does it make?

What if I don’t have time or capacity?

21 Mar 2023
It's easy to become overwhelmed as a parent, spinning multiple plates as we try to keep on top of parenting, work, church and the house. In Season 5 Episode 10 of the Parenting for Faith podcast, we welcomed author and mum-of-6 Elizabeth El-Mostain to chat to us about how to parent for faith when we feel out of time or capacity.