Engaging with the Bible is part of how we learn and grow as Christians. Here you’ll find stories and posts to equip you to share the Bible well with your children of whatever age, as well as Bible-related resources and recommendations. Session 2 of the Parenting for Faith course looks at how we can help our children learn from the Bible who God is and how he operates in the world, and you can view that session here.

Reading the Bible with others

15 Aug 2023
How do we find time to read the Bible as busy parents? How can we best model this to our kids? And what are the benefits of reading the Bible with friends?

Framing using Bible stories

09 Apr 2021
An important part of the key tool of framing is using Bible stories to frame life spiritually for our kids – in other words, to show them ways God relates to us by exploring how he did that with people in the Bible.

Bible stories for strange times

19 May 2020
In a recent episode of the Parenting for Faith podcast, Rachel Turner gave some wise advice on how to help children and young people find solid truth and wisdom in the Bible to help them navigate the coronavirus pandemic well, whatever they are feeling.

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