Key truths to share

18 November 2019

What are the most important things that you want the parents in your church to hear?

We want the parents and carers in our churches to understand that they are more effective and impactful in helping their children meet and know God than the church could ever be. Even if they feel lacking in confidence about their own parenting abilities, their relationship with God or how to coach their children in that.

We can help that by sharing, repeating and reinforcing key truths at every opportunity. Whether that’s from the front on a Sunday morning, in our conversations, our emails or on social media.

Here are some ideas to get you started (adapted from pages 41 – 42 of It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent):

  • God has given you a place of significant influence in the spiritual lives of your children. Influence happens through personal connection and you have a longer and stronger personal connection with your child than anyone else. Also, faith is applied in the everyday and you are the person who is present with your child in the everyday, so you have the opportunity to show them this. You can find out more about our approach here.
  • The church cannot be as effective at this as you can. You know your child better than the church does and you have more time with them.
  • God knows what parenting is like. He designed parenting for faith to happen when we are busy and tired. It’s not something that can only happen when you’re feeling great and have everything under control.
  • What children need most is to see what a real relationship with God looks like up close and in the everyday. When things are good, bad or just boring. As a parent or primary carer, you are in a perfect position to do that.
  • How you parent for faith will be different from how others do it. You are the expert in your own child, nobody knows them like you do. We are here to support you, giving you the tools and encouragement, not to tell you what to do.
  • You are already doing lots of useful and significant spiritual discipling. We are here to help you add to what you are already doing.
  • Your relationship with God is a journey. Whether you are a brand new Christian or have been following Jesus all your life, keep moving forward.
  • Your children are also on a journey in their relationship with God. Your job is to help them journey well by listening to them and exploring their questions, letting them see some of your journey and sharing things that have helped you.
  • There are no guarantees. Your job is not to produce perfect Christian children but to give them what they need to help them find their own connection to God and equip them to journey with him.
  • You are not alone. Church is here to support, encourage and equip you.

As you share these truths, you will give courage and hope to the parents and carers in your community. Enjoy watching how God uses that to work in their families.

You’ll see and hear these key messages in our articles, videos and in our podcast so do direct people to those and share them on your church’s social media accounts, as that is an easy way to reinforce these messages.

For lots more detail and further examples of key truths to share, head to chapter two of It Takes a Church to raise a Parent.


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