Creating vision

Parenting for faith may be new to your families and your church. Here you will find ideas for introducing the idea of parenting for faith to your church and your parents and carers, giving them a vision of what a God-connected child and a family parenting for faith looks like.

Equipping grandparents

24 May 2023
Grandparents are often very active in the lives of their grandchildren - and even if they're not involved on a daily basis, research shows that their impact when it comes to the faith of their grandchildren is huge.

Stories: our secret weapon

05 Dec 2019
We sometimes overlook the power of stories. Becky shares how big and little stories of God have given her vision and shaped her and her faith journey.

Sharing stories

02 Dec 2019
Stories are a powerful way for parents to share their own experience and learn from the experience of others, and we want our churches to be communities who love telling stories of them and God.