Parenting for faith in a toddler group

11 August 2020

In this extract from one of our Facebook lives, Rachel answers a question from a viewer who wants to know how engage and spiritually equip fringe parents.

As part of the webinar, Rachel had explained three easy steps to help fringe families learn a spiritual skill or tool they can use at home. These are:

  1. Give them a glimpse of God active in ordinary life: for example by sharing a story
  2. Invite them to encounter God like that for themselves
  3. Give them a next step to do this at home

As she answers the question, Rachel demonstrates how you might do that in a ordinary church toddler group.

You can watch the whole webinar below or jump straight to 36 minutes and 15 seconds in to hear her reply.

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Image by FamVeld by Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro