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Feel free to use these quotes as part of casting a vision to run your own course.

What parents and carers are saying

‘This has been an incredible course giving practical and applicable tasks for each session. I have already highly recommended this course to friends.’

Parent, Aberdeen

‘This is an amazing course. I have a better understanding of how I can help my children in their walk with God and feel empowered and equipped to do it. My kids are asking more questions about God.’

Parent, Rochester

‘I’m so much more aware and equipped for how to help nurture my children’s faith. I have found this course so incredibly useful, and such a blessing to our family. I love Rachel’s style and how she explains concepts so fantastically. God bless you all!’

Parent, London

‘I loved this course, it really opened my eyes to different ways to help our children and young people with their own faith journeys. It was also a big help to me in my own journey!’

Parent and godparent, Northamptonshire

‘This course has been brilliant and I feel it has been a real gift in helping me parent my children. I can see how Parenting for Faith would be relevant for anyone who looks after children, especially parents, but also grandparents who I think have a bigger influence on their grandchildren’s lives then they might realise.’

Parent, Cheshire

‘I’ve been encouraged that what I’m doing already is good, and have felt more relaxed about trusting God with my kids, knowing he will reach out to them, and I can leave them to it!’

Parent, Gloucestershire

‘It’s made me much more aware of how I parent and small ways I can give my daughter windows into faith and also discover God for herself.’

Parent, South Yorkshire

‘It’s given me the courage to chat more to my son about his relationship with God. We’ve started to take time to pray for each other – not long – but previously I wouldn’t have asked my son (15) to pray for me.’

Parent, Cheshire

What course leaders are saying

‘The adults who participated loved being together and sharing and connecting. The conversation often ended up being about what it is like to follow Jesus as an adult. This was rich, honest and wonderful to hear.’

Online course leader, Devon

‘The Parenting For Faith course does exactly what every church leader would want: not solely to resource people with incredibly useful techniques and practices for God-connected parenting, but ultimately to inspire and challenge those who attend to step deeper into their own discipleship.’

Course leader, Staffordshire

‘The parenting for faith course has been an exceptional resource to help families in our church practically and helpfully learn how to bring Jesus into the everyday. We had nobody drop out and everybody who started completed the course as didn’t want to miss out. Only thing we are sad about is that there isn’t a second course. We loved it and will be running again soon.’

Course leader, West Sussex

‘Love the course and everyone found it really helpful. A great discipleship tool for everyone!’

Online course leader, London

‘The course has exceeded my expectations in that so many people have come along and together we have learnt so much, put so much into practice and it has impacted how I myself do children’s ministry. We have been given such simple yet powerful tools to help children navigate life in church, at home, with God.’

Course leader, Cheshire

‘Thanks for all the effort you have put into this – for me doing the course was life changing in terms of my parenting and it was amazing as a pastor to see significant changes happening in the lives of the participants. We can’t wait to run it again!’

Course leader, London

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