Chat ideas for parents of babies and toddlers

27 January 2021

Some ideas for parents and carers of things to chat to God about when you have a baby or toddler.

God is interested in every bit of your life – the good bits, the bad bits and everything in between. He cares about how you feel, what you’re doing, what you need and of course, your child. Parenting’s not easy on the best of days and God’s there to walk with you through all of it.

Here are some ideas of what chatting to God might look like:

Sharing your feelings with him

  • God, I’m so angry …
  • I feel like the luckiest parent in the world right now God!
  • My baby’s so sick, God, and I’m so scared …
  • I’m so relieved, God, she slept through the night!
  • Ah, look God, he’s so beautiful.
  • I’m worried about her starting nursery next week, God …

When you need something …

  • I didn’t know it would be so hard God, come close and help.
  • I don’t know what to do! Please help God.
  • We really need to buy a new one, but God, we just don’t have the money.
  • We’re late, God! Help me find his comforter quickly.
  • I don’t know which formula to choose,God.
  • He’s so sick, God, help us know what to do.

Chatting to God about your child

  • God, I love her so much, give her all the good things you have for her.
  • Look after him at childcare today, God …
  • She’s so sad, God, comfort her and give her peace …
  • I’m worried about …
  • He’s so happy right now God! I’d love for him to be happy always.
  • Why is she biting other kids God?

We have a PDF version that you can open and save as a screenshot on your phone or print out and put it somewhere that you’ll see it.

Chat ideas for parents of babies and toddlers

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