Connecting with God while being poked in the eye

21 June 2017

Parenting small children can be overwhelming and shifts how we personally connect with God. But it is possible to flourish spiritually and be a parent of under fives - even on two hours of sleep and covered in someone else's body juices.

As a parent of an under 5 you might find yourself asking, ‘how on earth can I find time with God in this stage of life?!’ It can be exhausting and it can feel like we never get to spend time with him. Rachel shares how as an under fives parent she never managed to grab a quiet time. She explores what it looks like to do life with God whilst parenting a toddler in the everyday. Life with under fives isn’t about having our time with God stolen away but finding a new way to spend time with him.

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Can I Poke His Eye? © Tim McCune licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Cropped & Scaled