Guided prayer in pregnancy and with new parents

4 August 2021

Helena Whitwell is a doula, and loves to help people connect with God during pregnancy and prepare for birth and becoming parents with God by their side.

She combines this with a passion for leading guided prayer and as part of this session, you’ll get to experience what that’s like and explore how you might use it in your context – there’s a helpful handout to help you with this. She’ll also be sharing about ‘Apron moments’ (inspired by Susannah Wesley) which are a way of helping parents with little ones connect with God in the middle of their day.

This was recorded at the Nurturing Babies and Toddlers Spiritual Lives training morning in February 2021.

Download handout

She mentions the Mummy Meditations Community on Facebook and you can connect with Helena on Facebook or Instagram.


Pregnant woman resting by oksanashufrych via Canva Pro