When your child walks away from faith

13 November 2023

When we have prayed for our children to come to know Jesus for themselves, when we've nurtured their faith and created opportunities for them to grow, it can feel devastating when they make the decision to turn away from Jesus. But there is always hope.

For an episode of the Parenting for Faith podcast, Lucy spoke to mother-and-daughter duo Linda Green and Sarah Walton.

Both Linda and Sarah are now Christian authors and speakers – but this wasn’t always the case. In her teens, Sarah went through a very tough season. Unable to cope with the shame of things that were happening to her, she turned in on herself, suffered from depression, took an overdose and ended up on a paediatric psychiatric ward. But her parents never gave up praying for her and ministering to her, and by the grace of God Sarah returned to Jesus.

In this podcast episode, Linda and Sarah share their story of walking through this difficult season together.

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