Lent – Journeying with Jesus

Many of us set aside Lent as a time to draw closer to God. In this series of seven posts we have suggestions for how you might want to explore the themes of Lent and Easter with your family.

Week 1: The power of the Follower. Exploring the story of John the Baptist.

Week 2: Community: God’s design for living and learning. What Jesus’ life can teach us about how to live well.

Week 3: Seeking God’s success. How does Palm Sunday teach us about success?

Week 4: Jesus’ heart for the church. Wondering about Jesus’ last conversation with his friends.

Week 5: When it all goes wrong. Thinking about Jesus’ last day.

Week 6: Everyone’s invited! Talking to children about salvation. Understanding why we can be changed because Jesus died.

Week 7: Have we made our God too small? Do we really grasp how amazing our God is?

Journeying with Jesus, Lent devotion resource for families

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Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash