Exploring ways to respond to trick or treaters

4 October 2022

If you've chosen to respond to trick or treaters and would like to explore how, then this post provides some ideas to get you started.

Often Halloween means that our neighbourhoods are full of trick or treaters, and it may be that you’ll have children knocking at your door. When figuring out what responding to Halloween looks like for our families some of us may choose not to engage with trick or treating whereas others might feel that it offers a great opportunity.

If you’ve decided that you’d like to respond to trick or treaters and want to explore some ways to do that then here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • The Streets of Light initiative is something anyone can join in with by creating a window display around the themes of light, love and hope and can be a great talking point when trick or treaters come to your door
  • UCB, in partnership with OneHope and World Vision, have created Bags of Hope which contain a full-colour Bible-based booklet, The Bible App for Kids book of Hope and space to pop your own sweets in.
  • World Vision have created a character called Patch the Pumpkin and a pack of resources called Pumpkin Heroes for churches to use with kids age 4-10. Have a look here: Pumpkin Heroes
  • We know families who offer to pray for each person that comes to their door, or pray for each person after they’ve left, or who give out Bible verses.

There are lots of different ways to respond and hopefully, these ideas will help us to start thinking about what we might do when you get a knock on our door.

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