Grateful for cancer

12 June 2017

Big things happen in our lives - miscarriages, cancer, job loss. How we talk about them with our kids can significantly encourage our children spiritually.

In this video, Rachel shares how she asked herself, “how can I do this journey of cancer? How do I do this in a way that my kid will grow in his relationship with God?”

Rachel shares how she is grateful that she got to go through cancer in a way that mean she could coach her kid through who God is in the really uncertain bits of life. So often we don’t get to coach our kids on big issues before they got older and face them as adults. We walk through so many big things that we try to protect our children from but there is a way to allow our children to see windows into our walk with God. We can walk through our journey in a way that empowers them to walk through theirs. It can be a powerful tool in the spiritual life of your kid and all it takes is your willingness to walk with them through it.

To read more about Rachel’s journey of cancer, you can read the full journey at

You can also read excerpts from her blog on this website that particularly look at how she parented her son for faith through it: